FM software designed for people, not just buildings

FM software designed for people, not just buildings


Jul 29, 2021


As FM professionals, some days we get so tied up in the nuts and bolts (bricks and mortar) of our day-to-day jobs that it’s easy to forget that first and foremost we’re working with people, not just buildings and assets.

How many times do you need to quickly get crucial information into FM software only to find it sitting in a disconnected spreadsheet somewhere or lost in an email?

My experience in property management presented me with this problem far too often. It was one of the factors that led me to create new FM software that would put users first.

Users of FM software cover such a wide range of roles that not everyone will be up to speed with FM jargon and technical terminology. This multidisciplinary scenario needs software that is intuitive, easy to understand and human-centred – just like the apps we use on our smartphones and devices everyday.


Simplify complexity for all users

Even though what sits behind the scenes in a Facilities Management environment is complex and comprehensive – building plans, leases, BIM data, contracts, legal documents, asset registers, technical sheets, service records, financials and tenancy details, to name but a few – the FM software user experience doesn’t have to be complex.


Connect all your FM communication channels

Throughout my property management career, I’d experienced scenarios where the only people with direct, hands-on access to FM software were end-of-the-line Facilities Managers. Anyone else needing to submit data or access information had to use email, spreadsheets or phone calls, which would eventually be keyed into the FM software by the facilities manager.

This process added to the workload. It was disconnected, time-consuming and opened the door to errors – data would often be entered late, incorrectly or simply missed altogether. Chasing up requests would involve reverting to emails and phone calls. Everyone was out of the loop.

The fast-moving property management world – and the demands of today’s connected, mobile-first users who expect fast, efficient platforms – identified the need for a new way of working in FM.


From spreadsheets, voicemails and emails to a central platform

I realised that to solve this problem, the FM world needed software that would provide all users access – controlled by user-defined permissions. This means that that crucial information is captured once – and once only – and is immediately visible to all users across the platform who needed to see it.

No duplication, no transcription errors, and no wasted time chasing up information sitting in a spreadsheet on a Facilities Manager’s desktop or in a plant room somewhere.

Put powerful FM capabilities into everyone’s hands

Putting the user first was at the heart of everything when I designed and built FMClarity. No matter whether the information is coming from FM professionals, building managers, or tenants with minimal or no FM knowledge, FMClarity makes it easy for everyone to input and get access to the same information at the same time, with a shared view that keeps everyone on the same page.

We’d love to show you how FMClarity works and how easy it is to use. Get in touch today to book a demo with our friendly team.