Delightful Experiences
Shared by Our
Satisfied Customers


Delightful Experiences
Shared by Our
Satisfied Customers


Delightful Experiences
Shared by Our
Satisfied Customers

We had multiple spreadsheets that covered every single area. There was a spreadsheet for everything. Whereas now with FMClarity we have a single source of truth and it’s all located in the one tight, neat package.

For us the impact has been quite large. Overall the benefits are just simply that we’ve just got a one stop shop. The team tends to get more involved in more complex matters more so than the day to day reactive because we’ve got it all running quite smoothly now.

But I think the thing for us, the other measurable outcome is that the teams seem a lot happier. You know we’re not bogged down in the weeds as much as we were previously. FMClarity gives us the ability to have full oversight of every property and every activity but we don’t necessarily have to fingerprint on it to know that it’s working.

But I think the absolute benefit is having that single source of truth and being able to get your hand on what you need to get to to support your properties and to support your people.

Jennie Shortt


Core to great FM software is great functionality that supports Facilities Managers achieve their core objectives of budget, compliance, planning and tenant satisfaction. FMClarity achieves this with great usability providing a great user experience. We are pleased to have FMClarity on board as a VBIS Enabled Partner which is also telling of the forward thinking culture of the FMClarity team.

Heshan Samarawickrama


FM Clarity has been a brilliant organisation to deal with. The people that make the team are the reason why LinkSafe has opted to partner with an organisation like FMClarity. They know their product, they know their clients and the integration components have been seamless. We’re proud to partner with them to expand our solutions offering to the market, and the systems are complementary to one another. Both organisations have the same vision and goals, and it’s a partnership that will no doubt flourish.

David Eczmann


Although I have joined this project towards the end, I wanted to express my gratitude for your collaboration with Steph and Dan. Your dedication and efforts in setting up the new system for us at Hub Australia have not gone unnoticed.

The implementation of the system will greatly enhance our ability to streamline services and improve our facility management processes. We firmly believe that the partnership between FM Clarity and Hub Australia will significantly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. We are genuinely excited about the future prospects and the continuous improvement that FM Clarity will bring to our organisation.

Hub Australia

Justin Nevill 


Just want to give a shout out to your amazing support team. In particular Ambre, who always responds to our queries promptly and with great info. And she throws in some kindness too, which always makes my day better.

ALL in ALL a great customer experience. Thank you.

Debra Havemann


I've been fixing things at Bayley House for 3-4 years. The joy on people's faces when I help out is the best part. Before, we were drowning in emails and paperwork. Now, logging jobs and adding pictures is a walk in the park.

With FMClarity, no job gets forgotten. It's all organized, and we can mark things as urgent when needed. All our important papers and documents are in one spot. It's easy to add new jobs or documents, even from our phones. To sum it up, FMClarity has made our lives at Bayley House way easier. Everything's organized, communication's a breeze, and we're more efficient than ever.



‘FMClarity is an easy software to use compared to other software I have used in the past.

Delicia Sanoubane


We have found FMClarity to be an excellent solution for our client’s portfolio of 24 properties. The front end/dashboard is comprehensive and allows each site to raise a work request with ease. The key aspect is allowing our client to have full transparency over the works and costs, as we provide the facility management service provision for them.The system is intuitive and does not require extensive training and costs for the client.

David English


It saves me heaps of time because everything is in one spot, so I don’t have to go through folders on my desktop, I don’t have to follow through emails – and email chains get lost because five different people might have sent it, and the communication and different emails, they don’t link it. Where FM Clarity does – you can see the whole correspondence on everybody involved, which is fantastic. And it gives me a register on common problems, so if I think ‘oh did that last year, the same thing’, it gives me feedback on that I’ve got a problem area in the business, or I’ve got a problem area with my aircon, or I’ve got a problem area with a contractor, or the contractor’s not been engaging property, and it gives me a time stamp. So that’s great because then I can work out [that] I’ve got good contractors.

Brad Wilkinson


Stepping over to FM Clarity was a fantastic step forward in the way of preventative and reactive maintenance to be logged between our sites. The detail you receive when a job is logged is fantastic, area, room no, job description and files/photos if chosen to upload. The ease of selecting in internal employee (within the maintenance team) to notify about the job and chat/leave comments about the job on the app is a great feature. Uploading service reports etc and adding them as a file to your particular homes preventative maintenance schedule means no more folders of paper or missing sheets anywhere. Look forward to seeing the features and ease grow with every update. Thanks for providing an easy and pain free application to us.

Stewart Jones


We have been so pleased with the entire process! You have been wonderful to work with and so patient with us and all our questions

Stephanie Scrimizzi


I had a regional team meeting today and it was noted that your Support Team have been providing great support to our guys with any issues they have raised. Quick resolutions and importantly, quick contact. Within a few hours in most cases.

For me personally I find that Deon is fantastic with his support of my “issues”. He listens, takes on board what I’m saying and provides responses within a timely matter.

Our monthly catchup is very beneficial. Deon is a great asset to your team. Additionally I have only just met Ambre but already she has been very helpful, quickly resolving a couple of issues for us. In short, we are loving FMC at the moment and enjoying its functionality and the solutions it provides us.

Our next step is to build the asset module. Always room for improvement but overall very happy.

Jeremy Eaton

State Office

FMClarity is like a one-stop shop for everything we need in facility management at Bayley House. With FMClarity, chatting with our team is super easy. No need for endless emails or calls.

All our jobs, from start to finish, are in the system. All our regular maintenance requests are in there, the suppliers get a reminder for the jobs and facility managers can track when something's due/overdue.

It's a big help with our spending. We see where our money's going, making budgeting and planning simpler.

FMClarity shows us how many jobs we have and where they are. This makes planning so much smoother.

Shifting to FMClarity taught us a lot about how we worked before. Learning to use it was easy, and they're always there to help if we need it.

Paula Lani