Why maintenance requests initially increase with a new system

Why maintenance requests initially increase with a new system


Mar 7, 2023


As a facilities manager, you know how overwhelming it can be to schedule and track the countless maintenance jobs for all of your sites, especially when using multiple spreadsheets. But a new facility management (FM) system can automate these painful processes, making work order management and quote requests quick and easy.

However, when implementing a new system, you may initially notice an increase in maintenance requests instead of a decrease. This is because the whole scheduling process becomes simplified, and requests can be submitted quickly and easily.

However as much of the process is automated, it becomes much easier to manage larger quantities of requests in an effective way. 

The benefits of a comprehensive FM system don’t stop there. Real-time chat and document storage functions streamline communication with contractors and suppliers, reducing the need for phone calls and emails.

And with the added bonus of a synchronised calendar, you can easily track what’s coming up and what’s due, ensuring that your team is always on the same page. Plus, detailed reports offer valuable insights into site and service priorities.

By implementing an FM system, you can streamline your processes, enabling data-driven decisions and ultimately saving time and resources. This leads to improved site quality and enhanced overall portfolio performance, resulting in satisfied customers and reduced complaints.

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